Saturday, June 7, 2008


So this isn't a movie, but since I watched the entire season this past week (just twelve 30-minute episodes), I didn't have anything else to review.

The show's premise, if you are unfamiliar, is about a white housewife in suburban California whose husband dies and she's "forced" to sell weed to her hypocritical suburban neighbors in order to maintain her lifestyle. Nevermind that they could sell their house for millions of dollars (it's huge and it's in California), sell their Land Rover, fire their maid, and move somewhere reasonable (she just has two kids) ... but if you're going to continue being a materialist suburbanite, I guess selling weed is your best option (?!).

Beyond the ridiculous premise, the show--created and aired on the Showtime Network--is adroitly aimed at the widest possible audience. The show is about drugs, so that will bring in a male audience; it stars a female lead character, so women will tune in, but she's also very attractive, so back to the men; there's lots of relationship drama, so women will eat that up, but there's also drama about drugs and a little violence, so back to the men again. Showtime clearly cast a net to snare the widest possible audience (unlike Sex and the City or The Wire/Entourage/Deadwood that clearly aim at a specific gender).

If I hadn't gotten both discs, I probably would've stopped after the first disc as I got sort of bored with it (and the novelty of the storyline wore off very quickly), but I kept going since I had both discs (and was without cable television). The second disc, especially the last 3 episodes really picked up and I'm now debating whether or not to check into the second season (so if were really great show, there wouldn't be a debate)... but I wasn't that impressed (a Golden Globe?)

Final Grade (Season 1): C+
Blurb: It's a fine show that appeals to a broad audience, but if you have to watch one
show about suburbanites selling illegal drugs, it should be Breaking Bad instead of Weeds.


  1. i thought the first season was okay, but a bit heavy-handed. didn't even finish the 2nd season. it got too dark and just not as good.

  2. thanks for keeping me from queuing up the second season!

  3. Definitely avoid the second season of Weeds. The first one was okay (I might even say good), but after that I got a little weirded out.

    My suggestions for your next tv dvd attempt (unless you've seen them out already):

    1. Entourage (it starts out good and just gets better)

    2. Psych (I can't stop watching it...)

    3. Rome (but stop after the first season, trust me)

    4. Stargate SG-1 (if you're into Sci-fi and have a ton of time on your hands - like 200 hours ... 10 seasons w/ about 20 1-hour shows)

    5. You probably stopped reading after Stargate, didn't you?

  4. 1. entourage: seasons 1-3 CHECK
    2. psych: i've seen a few episodes here and there, but i didn't fall in love with it. maybe if i rent the DVDs ( only has 4 episodes and they're all from season 2).
    3. i heard good things about Rome--and i like most things HBO--so i'll look into it (the next HBO shows in my queue are season 3 of the wire and deadwood, and season 5 of curb your enthusiasm).
    4. i'm not huge into sci-fi, but i did enjoy the first two seasons of battlestar gallactica (and heroes season 1 was good too).

    thanks for the input!