Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleigh Bells: Treats

Sleigh Bells was perhaps the most hyped indie band of 2010 (or at least they had the most pre-release internet buzz) after they rocked the CMJ fest in 2009 and were signed by M.I.A.  The duo in Sleigh Bells, Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller, has one of the most disparate sonic backgrounds of any band out there.  Krauss was in Rubyblue, all-girl pop group, and Miller was in a hardcore band called Poison the Well.  While waiting her table in 2008, Miller told Krauss he played guitar and was looking for a singer.  Krauss' mother, also at the table, offered her daughter's vocal services, and Sleigh Bells formed.

The silvery sweet vocals of Krauss are a strange compliment to Miller's fuzzed out guitar and heavy drum beats, but the duo makes it work.  If you threw M.I.A.,Wavves, and a high school cheer squad into a blender, you'd end up with this track from Treats:

Krauss and Miller are all about turning up the volume and having fun.  They don't go down any self-righteous streets (*cough M.I.A. cough*), but they still manage to dance, rock out, and burn down the place:

Grade: B+
Blurb: Their fuzzed out guitars and vocals may not be for everyone (toddlers dig 'em, apparently, and so do RV-driving lawyers), but if you want to have a good time (and thought M.I.A.'s latest album was awful), then pick up Treats.

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