Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dr. Dog: Shame, Shame

The folks from Philly known as Dr. Dog have been around for almost 10 years, and for my money, they've only gotten better (which means they're the anti-Weezer).  Fate was one of my favorite records in 2008, and Shame, Shame is just as good, if not better.  Dr. Dog felt they had grown, too, and they switched labels, from tiny indie Park the Van to nice-sized Anti-.

The Beatles-esque harmonizing that has made Dr. Dog so enjoyable is back, and their 1960s homage to pop-rock is even more prominent.  The album also feels a little more personal.  Referencing specific streets in West Philadelphia (born and raised?) gives "Shadow People" the sense that the narration is non-fiction.  "Station" references the drain and strain of touring (perhaps the only track that both feels and sounds melancholy), while "Jackie Wants a Black Eye," tackles serious subject matter (physical pain being only thing that can provide the sense of being alive), but you wind up tapping your toe.

Dr. Dog pulls off the same trick (somber lyrics + upbeat music) with "Where'd All the Time Go," which contains a sad story (being depressed, attending funerals, anti-social behavior) but somehow leaves you feeling optimistic.  Hear for yourselves (in this unofficial video):

Grade: B+/A-
Blurb: I can't wait until their next album because they've already put out a new little ditty.  Pick this album up, it's a keeper.

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