Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phantogram: Eyelid Movies

I came across Phantogram while learning about the CMJ Festival in NYC back in November of 2009.  I immediately went to Phantogram's website, saw when their album was coming out (9 Feb 2010) and put it on my calendar.  I even set it up to e-mail me the day of the release so I wouldn't forget.  That's how much I loved their sound.  Instantly smitten.  And as soon as Eyelid Movies dropped, I picked it up and I knew I'd purchased one of the year's best albums.

Right off the bat, the album hits you with its two best tracks, and keeps on trucking.   There are one or two songs that don't seem up to snuff on the album, but most of the album is littered with gorgeous vocals, hard-but-not-too-hard electronic beats ("these beats are dope"), and interesting lyrics.  "You've got a mouthful of diamonds / And a pocketful of secrets."  I'm not sure exactly what that means (I can guess), but I like it.  Here (hear), see for yourself:


Grade: A
Blurb: Eyelid Movies is one of the best albums of 2010, and it's probably going to wind up as my favorite debut album.  It's hard to believe that these New York natives have only just gotten started.

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