Monday, November 17, 2008


So I'm not the world's biggest Woody Harrelson fan, but I wanted to see this movie the moment I saw the preview:

I believe I've made it clear that I like Emily Mortimer and Ben Kingsley, so I thought this movie had a decent cast. However, Sir Kingsley is not utilized to his full potential here; that's not his fault, it's the failure of the screenwriter(s) and director. Mortimer is the star here, and she does fairly well. This movie is both a literal and a figurative train wreck, and by figurative--in the vein of Before the Devil Knows You're Dead--I mean that the whole time you wish the characters would stop what they're doing before it gets worse... but, of course, they don't.

As far as suspenseful movies go, this one definitely has suspense, but I suspect it's not as much as the movie's director would like us to feel. It's not horror-suspense, like The Orphanage, but it's not necessarily action-suspense, like Bourne or Casino Royale... it's somewhere in between (again, Before the Devil is a good comparison here). It's a decent movie, but I think I liked it more than it may have deserved because I like trains and Russia.

Final Grade: B-
Blurb: If you have to see one movie from 2007-2008 that take place almost entirely on a train, I think you should go with Darjeeling Limited (but I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan).

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