Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday Preview

So I co-opted this idea from Brandon's blog: reviewing the films that debut without actually seeing them first. This is the ultimate in pretentious cinematic prejudice.

Leatherheads: This looks like a decent movie that I plan on renting rather than shelling out $8.50 on opening night. There are sure to be a few laughs and I'm also intrigued by this sports period piece given my rather recent interest in late 19th and early 20th-century popular culture (under which sports falls). The not-so-intriguing part about this movie is that it looks, based solely on the previews, that I can predict which guy Zellwegger will choose: Clooney. Where's the fun in that?
[P]review grade: B-

Nim's Island: Do I even need to watch the preview? No. That's how ridiculous I am. The story is about a young girl that daydreams (and writes) about adventures in the wild while she lives in the city. At the risk of making all of you groan outloud: Nim's Island should be rated PG-13, as in Pretty Good if you're under 13. I should evaluated based on how it accomplishes the goal it's going for (being a good movie for kids), but if I needed to evaluated on an adult scale...
[P]review grade: D+

The Ruins: A movie about a group of good looking twenty-somethings that go abroad and bad things start happening to them? I have never heard of a plot like before, so this is probably going to be the best movie opening this weekend. In the words of Borat, "This suit is black." Wow, this movie is going to be terrible. To be honest, I'd rather see this film if it were a documentary about a group of good looking twenty-somethings that went to South America, ate a bunch of questionably cooked meat, and then drank a gallon of unclean tap water; they could call it The Runs. Cinematic critique just reached a new low. :)
[P]review grade: F


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