Friday, March 28, 2008

I Watch More Movies Than You

I watch a lot of movies (I do the whole Blockbuster-in-the-mail program). Also, my opinions are better than yours, as is my taste in film. Thus, I need to tell you what you should think about certain movies because your thoughts on those same movies are wrong. That's right, I just said your opinions are incorrect.

I have invited former roommate and current pettifogger-in-training Brandon Dodgen to be my co-author on this blog. Like me, Brandon has the Blockbuster program; unlike me, he is willing to spend money on stupid movies such as Norbit, R. V., Kickin' it Old School, and License to Wed. He is a man of the people. I sit comfortably in the saddle of my high horse, passing judgment on those below, while Brandon dismounts to follow the trail of idiots right into the theater, just like E. T. and those tasty Reese's Pieces.

Neither Brandon nor I have any film school training. But we watch a lot of movies and I thought we should share our thoughts with you. I hope our posts will encourage you to watch some films and stay away from others. Yeah, your welcome.


  1. micah, what if i have the same opinion on a movie as you? is it still an incorrect opinion?

  2. the only time your opinion is right is when it aligns with mine. :)

  3. I can admit it, I have bad taste. Thanks for the help. But I did like the scene with the Salvation Army guy. It made me cry a bit.

  4. Ya haven't steered me wrong yet!
    I may appreciate Collin Ferrel more than you, but I DO hate Will Farrell! Does that count?